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We apologize for any inconvenience, but ordering is not possible at this time.
  How to place an order:  

First download the two required documents:


Order form

  1. ORDER FORM    
Material transfer agreement
    Next, print & fill out the forms with the requested information.
    Finally, send the signed and completed documents to:  
        Professor P. Lebaron / MOLA collection
Laboratoire Arago
Avenue du Fontaulé
BP 44
66651 Banyuls-sur-Mer cedex
        Please note that we do not accept electronic versions of these documents at this time.    
Generally, our strains are sent as live cultures, spread on medium in Petri dishes. Please inform us immediately if there are any problems. An unsatisfactory culture will be replaced free of charge if reported within one month of reception.
MOLA does not assume any responsibility for loss or deterioration of cultures due to strikes or delays in the Customs of the recipient country.